School Uniform

ADNOC Schools believes a safe and disciplined learning environment is the first requirement of a high performing school. The implementation of school uniforms will help minimize disruptive behavior, promote respect for oneself and others, build school/community spirit, and, more significantly, help to maintain high academic standards. The school leadership also feels that wearing of uniforms by students will help lessen the impact of socioeconomic differences. In addition, it allows for identification of intruders on campus and encourages students to concentrate on learning rather than on what they are wearing. Students should be well-groomed, with a neat appearance and a well-maintained school uniform.


School Uniforms can be purchased at Magrudy’s Stores located in Forsan Central Mall or online through their website.

Contact # :  050 385 4799

School Transportation

ADNOC Schools provides daily buses to and from School. Each bus is equipped with seat belts, GPS tracking, CCTV cameras, a bus monitor who ensures that children are behaving safely during the bus journey. ADNOC Schools have contracted Emirates Transport Company, a highly experienced and established bus transportation company. Our bus service covers the majority of areas within Abu Dhabi city. All vehicles used by Emirates Transport Company follow the strictest Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DOT) safety standards and guidelines. The drivers and bus monitors have been trained at DOT authorized training centers and undergo regular training sessions conducted in-house every quarter.


Emirates Transport is responsible for the entire transport operations such as new registrations, re-registrations, route planning and customer services.
Parents wishing to use school transport services in the next academic year can register through the email
Registration in the bus service dependents on:

  1. Seat availability on existing buses
  2. The student’s residency and established bus routes.

Transport Costs

Costs are AED 5,000 per student per year. Students will be allowed to use the bus service only if their term fee has been cleared before the start of the term.
One-way service is not available. Payment will be charged completely even if the student used the bus one way the whole year.
Payments will be collected in advance for the entire academic year in 3 instalments as follows:

  • 1st Instalment – September to December – AED 2000
  • 2nd Instalment – January to March – AED 1500
  • 3rd Instalment – April to June – AED 1500
Parents will be provided with the telephone number of both the bus attendant and driver. The attendant should be contacted in the first instance. The driver should be contacted only for emergency purposes. Drivers are not available by phone whilst driving.
No, as pick up and drop off have to be from the same location unless some cases have arranged in advance and there are available seats.
The school will liaise with the bus company to accommodate changes in timings as officially requested by the school.
An alert will be sent by the school via SMS to the parents, if delayed, early release or cancelled school days apply. Bus attendants will also contact parents with updates.
There is no sibling discount for school bus transport services.
In such cases, the school fee refund policy applies. (contact Finance Department)
During COVID-19 it was stopped by ADEK due to bubbles segmentation to allow KGs students ride the bus with their siblings but once it will be approved by ADEK we can allow them as per the seats availabilities.
We are providing the service to most areas in Abu Dhabi. However, some areas are not available due to the lack number of registration applications that we receive.
One-way service is not applicable in ADNOC Schools. Parents should pay the full amount even if their kids used the bus for one way only.
A cancellation form should be filled and submitted to Transportation Department.
Parents should contact their kids’ pastoral leads early morning and inform the bus attendant. No students can be picked from the bus at the end of the day.


There is a cafeteria on campus where students may purchase sandwiches, snacks, and light meals. The service is run by ADNOC Food and is not part of the school. The cafeteria is available for use during lunch and morning break. Students may also bring their lunch from home. When using the cafeteria, queue for food and snacks in an orderly manner and pay at the cash desk. When you have finished your meal or snack, put litter in the bins provided and return trays to the tray stands. This will help make the cafeteria a pleasant place for us all to enjoy. A menu of healthy foods and snacks will be available at the cafeteria. Bear in mind that carbonated soft drinks (sodas), energy drinks, flavored milk, and non-fruit juices will not be available in the cafeteria; neither will foods high in sugar and other additives be available in the cafeteria for students, faculty, or staff.



Safeguarding our students is the highest priority at our school. In order to support this, a well-trained team of trusted security staff ensure safe arrival and departure of students and parents and visitors throughout each day, as well as maintaining high standards of organisation and support through lunchtimes and during the many community events held at the school. The school is a secure site and access is managed through clear policies and procedures to ensure that students, staff, parents and community members are safe at all times and buildings are protected 24 hours a day.  In addition to our dedicated team of security staff, all schools are fitted with CCTV for added protection.